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Germany2017 • 00:29 • Drama • New Talent
A public pool, a sociotope. A scene of daydreaming and gentle snoozing. It is a place where everything is fine, or at least it feels like it. The smell of summer is in the air.
Russia2018 • 00:53 • Series • Competition
1829: Nikolay Gogol, a young Third Section clerk, suffers from violent epileptic seizures and struggles to keep on working. Inspector Yakov Guro accidentally witnesses one such fit and realises that Gogol’s visions contain clues that could help solve real crimes. Together, Gogol and Guro take on a particularly weird and baffling case that brings them to the small village of Dikanka, where everyone seems to be hiding something. Episodes 1 and 2 will be screened at Fipa.
Spain, Germany2017 • 01:30 • International documentary • Competition
Under United States investigation for Wikileaks; wanted in Sweden for alleged sexual offences. Julian Assange finds in Baltasar Garzón the kind of lawyer he needs - someone who can hack the solution to a complex international case in which justice clashes with high-level politics. With privileged access to its protagonists for over three years, this documentary unveils the work of the defence team in a story with deep political implications and the outcome of which will affect the freedom of the press worldwide.
Israel2017 • 01:04 • International documentary • Special Screenings
"You lack inner peace, I can see it in your eyes..." From this abrupt remark directed at her by a woman visiting Jerusalem's Wailing Wall, filmmaker Moran Ifergan was reminded of the religion she left behind in her late teens, when she used to visit this holy site regularly. As her marriage falls apart, Moran takes us on an around-the-clock journey to the women's side of the Wall; exploring the antitheses of private and public, sound and image, God and His absence.
Italy2017 • 01:30 • Performing Arts • Competition
Few recording studios in the world can claim to rival the incredible list of musicians hosted by Berlin’s Hansa Studios. Between 1976 and 1991, this studio complex was nestled against the Berlin Wall. Here, David Bowie immortalised the Wall in Heroes and his flatmate Iggy Pop sang the rock’n’roll anthem Lust For Life. Prominent international artists followed, including Depeche Mode, Nick Cave and U2, making Hansa Studios one of the most important music factories of the 20th Century.
Israel2017 • 01:12 • International documentary • Competition
Gush Etzion junction, between Jerusalem and Hebron: Ali Abu Awwad offers his family’s field as a Palestinian centre for nonviolence. Despite his life experiences (four years in an Israeli prison, his mother’s own five-year sentence, a brother killed by an Israeli soldier) Ali creates ''Roots'' with local Israeli settlers to promote grass-roots work towards enabling political reconciliation. The film accompanies the initiative for 2.5 years and documents the changes transpiring on both sides.
Belgium2016 • 00:14 • Documentary • New Talent
Right-wing populism is spreading through Western Europe like wildfire. It is most popular in quiet, white neighbourhoods where people are shielded from different cultures and lifestyles. This unscripted documentary portrays an ironic caricature of life in the Flemish suburbs.
Islamic Republic of Iran2017 • 00:15 • Drama • New Talent
A man who wants to pass the border disguises himself as a ram.
France2017 • 00:53 • National documentary • Public prize
70 years after the creation of the Jewish State, ten well-known Israeli writers shine a spotlight on Israel. Bearing their singular take on their country, they relate it from a day to day, insider perspective. Featuring interviews with renowned writers Amos Oz, David Grossman or Avraham B. Yehoshua, this event documentary offers an original and subjective portrait of Israel: literature as a means to comprehend geopolitics.
Italy2017 • 01:38 • Drama • Competition
Portopalo is a village of less than 4.000 inhabitants located on the southern tip of Sicily. On Christmas Eve 1996, the fisherman Saro Ferro saves shipwrecked in the stormy sea. He is a teenager with Indian traits who does not remember anything about himself. In the following days also other fishermen, fish corpses in the sea. Something big happened in the Sicilian Channel, something that neither the newspapers nor the institutions are aware of yet. But who should warn them?