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Romania2016 • 01:06 • Documentary • European creation
A Mere Breath explores the profound contradictory nature of family love. Both a journey of initiation and a theological parable, the film follows 7 years in the life of the Sicrea family in Romania, capturing, in painterly tableaux of sheer poetry, the trials and tribulations of Dobrin, his wife Lia, and their 3 children. Dobrin is hoping for a miracle that will enable his youngest daughter to get up from her wheelchair and walk.
United Kingdom2014 • 00:18 • Drama • New Talent
Stephen and Isaac are brothers. As kids, their parents bought a farmhouse and renovated it. As teenagers, they couldn't care less—stuck inside playing video games on a hot summer day. Eventually they get bored enough to start to explore the farm—and end up finding the family dog has gone missing.
Poland2015 • 00:07 • Animation • New Talent
A portrait of a father, whose adult children live their own lives far away from him. The director follows his every day routine life at the swimming pool, at work, at home and, first of all, explores his emotions. It's a film about complicated relationships.
Norway2016 • 00:58 • Documentary • European creation
When al Qaida are up against a seemingly impenetrable enemy position in Syria, they send in the Martyrdom Seekers – volunteers who drive a truck or an armoured personnel carrier loaded with tons of explosives towards the enemy and detonate the load. These operations are simply known among the Jihadis by the Arabic word for button: Dugma. In this film, we follow four Martyrdom Seekers in their daily lives waiting for their turn to go on the final mission. But when their times comes, where does their quiet confidence come from?
Austria2016 • 01:06 • Performing Arts • Competition
Johann Strauss’s waltz On the Beautiful Blue Danube is considered Austria’s secret national anthem. First performed 150 years ago in Vienna, this composition from the Strauss’s “waltz factory” became an instant worldwide hit. This film by Eric Schulz looks behind the scenes of the Strauss family’s “waltz factory”. Historic film footage is combined with waltz impressions from Vienna’s Musikverein and an unusual collection of mobile phone selfie-videos from every musician in the orchestra.
Cuba2014 • 00:26 • Documentary • New Talent
In a fumigation centre in Havana, Mayelín, a health inspector has the thankless task of monitoring and penalising tenants in breach of health codes. Besides battling dengue fever, she must cope with a stressful work environment with a demanding supervisor and dissenting employees. She will have to assert her authority if she wants to be respected.
Argentina2015 • 00:17 • Drama • New Talent
After several months of absence and without having clear motivations, an adolescent suddenly appears in a hospital to reunite with the mother of his recently born daughter.
United Kingdom2016 • 01:29 • Documentary • Competition
This documentary is a unique celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's ninety years as she reached her landmark birthday last April. The film-maker John Bridcut was granted exclusive access to the complete collection of Her Majesty’s personal ciné films. He then arranged to film members of the Queen's family watching the footage. Even The Queen herself agreed to take part and discuss the footage – providing an unprecedented insight into her private life.
France2016 • 00:52 • Documentary • French creation
Loïc, aged 15, is afraid of school. Inspired by his childhood innocence, his brother Théo turns the ruins of their neighbourhood into a huge playground. The two boys live in the “12-14”, a tumbledown mining complex in the city of Lens. Their mother Patricia struggles to keep the family together. The film, divided between allegorical representations and portrayals of day-to-day distress, is a reflection on the devastating effects of poverty, and on the loss of faith in the future threatening the children.
France2016 • 01:24 • Reportage and Investigation • Competition
In the mid-1960s some 13 million youth across the globe were enrolled in higher education. In 2015, there were 200 million. In 15 years, there will be 400 million. An enormous consumer market is forming. Around the world, the transmission of knowledge is being commodified. Young people are taking on debt in the pursuit of an education. From Shanghai to New York, Paris to Berlin, universities are becoming gigantic corporations under pressure from global competition… But at what cost… And who stands to gain?