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Germany2017 • 01:28 • Drama • Competition
15-year-old Caro falls in love with the charming Cem. What at first seems like true love turns out to be her worst nightmare. Cem fools Caro into believing that he is in love, increasingly cutting her off from friends and family. When he begins to force her into prostitution, she has no one left to turn to. In spite of his abuse, Caro remains emotionally dependent on her “lover”. By the time her parents realise the real story, is it too late...?
Netherlands2017 • 01:14 • International documentary • Public prize
Me, alone in the classroom: a portrait of young people of colour in The Netherlands. How do they see themselves? How do they experience their interaction with white Dutch people? How do they see their future in this country? They gather in a beautiful house to confront and try to overcome their, often difficult, experiences through very realistic role play.
Germany2016 • 00:05 • International documentary • Competition
On 23 April 1945 127 Italian forced labourers are shot and killed in a sand mine. The massacre is consigned to oblivion for many years. But then the memories of that day slowly resurface. A cinematic excavation, exposed through a webdocumentary, in Treuenbrietzen, Brandenburg. To be discovered at the Smart Lab (Bellevue - Rhune 1), free entry.
Pakistan, United States2017 • 01:22 • International documentary • Competition
Filmmaker Mo Naqvi will vote for the first time during Pakistan's elections. His priority is backing a candidate who will prevent Pakistan from becoming a terrorist state. But Mo has a tough choice – either vote for religious hardliners or for secular liberal leader General Musharraf, a former military dictator. Insha'Allah Democracy chronicles one voter's journey: to see if democracy is compatible with an unstable Muslim country.
France2017 • 00:31 • Documentary • Special Screenings
Three young women aged between 23 and 30 who have had abortions. Behind closed doors, in a specially-created room, the documentary questions their journeys. Their discussions are mixed with echoes of the director’s story, in the form of a journal she kept during her own abortion.
United Kingdom2017 • 01:30 • Performing Arts • Competition
The handsome German tenor Jonas Kaufmann is one of the hottest properties in classical music, from the power and beauty of his voice and the intelligence of his acting. With unique and often surprising access to Kaufmann over two years, this intimate and humorous film observes him making a triumphant return after five months of vocal injury. Kaufmann speaks freely about his cancellations and the constant challenges of being a star.
Serbia2017 • 00:14 • Drama • New Talent
Ivica is a 11-year-old kid who spends his days among friends, roaming around unexplored grounds of an industrial Serbian town. Bitter and disquieted, he’s about to find out that today his parents are separating.
Israel2017 • 00:30 • Documentary • Special Screenings
Michal, herself a child of the welfare system, is now a young single mother raising her baby daughter, Keren Or. We accompany Michal on a breath-taking journey as she negotiates seemingly insurmountable obstacles in her efforts to provide her child with the life she never had herself.
Israel2017 • 00:23 • Drama • Special Screenings
Alvaro, an Argentinian immigrant, arrives at an absorption centre in the city of Kiryat Yam, Israel. During his integration and Hebrew studies, he meets Vera, a Russian girl who shares his feeling of being an outsider.
Japan2017 • 01:13 • Drama • Competition
Kurara: Japanese for dazzling, mesmerizing, brilliant. The act of painting has always been kurara to O-Ei, the daughter of the Edo period master painter Katsushika Hokusai. Since childhood, she has been captivated by painting. O-Ei marries a local painter, but she soon chooses art over marriage and divorces him. Once she returns to the family home, she begins assisting her father. O-Ei becomes his “brush” and paints on his behalf. Gradually, she develops her own painting style.