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Belgium, China2017 • 00:20 • Documentary • New Talent
Pan Pan is 10 years old. He spends his days with his grandfather in a little farm barely 20 minutes away from the skyscrapers of central Beijing. Pan Pan’s father has gone to work in France. He leaves answerphone messages. The wind blows, the sun shines, and Pan Pan plays alone in the long grass.
Italy2017 • 00:30 • Documentary • New Talent
The story of the natural cycle in an open air swimming pool, a place that lives only three months a year: chronicles of summer casual encounters in a suburban neighbourhood, where memories, habits, hopes and illusions get together.
France2017 • 00:52 • National documentary • Competition
Bleuite was the biggest infiltration, disinformation, and brainwashing operation ever led by French military secret services against Algeria’s National Liberation Front and National Liberation Army, in Algiers and within the whole rebel movement. Captain Paul-Alain Léger, working only with prisoners who had switched allegiances, convinced the terrible Colonel Amirouche that his resistance movement was infiltrated by traitors. A diabolical operation leading to thousands of deaths.
United States, Taiwan2017 • 00:00 • Drama • Competition
A virtual reality work by Laurie Anderson and Hsin-Chien Huang in which the reader is free to roam and fly through an enormous structure made of words, drawings, and stories. Words sail through the air like emails, crumble into dust, and form and reform. To be discovered at the Smart Lab (Bellevue - Rhune 1), free entry.
France, Belgium2017 • 01:36 • National documentary • Public prize
Every year, 30,000 kidnappings are committed in the world. Behind each case is a ransom demand. As a result, international insurance providers have devised top-secret kidnap & ransom policies, which are seeing unprecedented growth. Following an on-going case in Venezuela, this film – shot in Africa, Europe, and the United States – shows insurers, negotiators, and ex-hostages speaking out for the first time.
Germany2017 • 01:32 • Performing Arts • Competition
This documentary tells the story of the short but equally influential life of one of the most important artists of the 1950s and 60s, Sam Cooke. It takes a particularly close look at the mysterious circumstances surrounding his violent death. Was he killed in self-defence, as officially claimed? Or was it murder, as his family, friends and conspiracy theorists believe?
France2017 • 01:05 • National documentary • Special Screenings
There are an estimated 500,000 gifted children in France who, for the most part, find it difficult, or even impossible, to fit into a traditional school system and to ‘live like everyone else’. At The Georges Gusdorf School in Paris, we discover the stories of some of these children, aged between 8 and 16. This specialised school does its best to help them reconnect with themselves and find the courage to grow up.
France, France2017 • 01:30 • Drama • Public prize
Sira, herself a former refugee, works as a translator for Ofpra, the organisation that grants the right to asylum in France. She unscrupulously sells asylum seekers fake life stories which are likely to convince the authorities, for top dollar. A series of encounters will take the upper hand to her cynicism.
France2017 • 00:15 • Documentary • Special Screenings
In the Village of Hope, residents and staff go about their daily lives. All residents dream of finding work and a home to rebuild their lives outside, while still trying to find a place for themselves within the community.
France2017 • 00:52 • Performing Arts • Public prize
There’s a place where people sing wild melodies mimicking birds in flight, where people look to the sky and allow themselves to be spiritually transported by the power of song. That place is here, in Basque Country. It begins with a musician exploring new harmonies within these hundred year-old songs. Then they are recorded: simply the artist, the mountains, and a microphone. All this is interwoven: the stories of the film, the songs, and the lives of the people.