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France2017 • 01:12 • National documentary • Competition
United like five fingers of a hand, resolutely determined to save their people, to save farming! It’s the “black scarves”, a small group of female farmers, campaigning to raise awareness of the agricultural crisis destroying so many farms and families in Normandy and Brittany. For these women, it is a real race against time.
France2017 • 01:43 • National documentary • Competition
Ruth Zylberman chose a random building - 209 rue Saint-Maur in the 10th arrondissement of Paris - about which she knew nothing, and spent several years tracking down its former residents in order to reconstruct the story of their community during the German occupation. She found survivors in Paris, the suburbs, the provinces, and the world over. She filmed them, as well as the building and its inhabitants today, to bring these forgotten stories back to life. (461s)
France2017 • 00:07 • National documentary • Competition
Paolo Veronese draws us into the sumptuous The Wedding at Cana, taking us to a wild and festive Venetian setting, where he relates the biblical story of the first miracle of Christ. To be discovered at the Smart Lab (Bellevue - Rhune 1), free entry.
France2017 • 00:58 • National documentary • Competition
September 2015: the village of Saint-Jouin-Bruneval volunteers to host a family of refugees. A group of residents forms and renovates an apartment from top to bottom. Yet nothing follows but a long period of uncertainty. The mayor must confront the hypocrisy of the French government, and the proposed lodging remains empty for months. A general sense of hostility permeates the village; but thanks to the persistence of a group of villagers, the Hammoud family finally arrives from Syria.
Belgium2017 • 00:23 • Drama • New Talent
Émile practices static apnea. The young man holds his breath while floating on the surface of the water, head submerged. Back in the real world, he cares for his mother, who is dying of cancer.
United Kingdom, United Kingdom2017 • 00:09 • International documentary • Competition
There are approximately 31,500 asylum seekers in the UK waiting for a decision about their asylum status. This exclusive Guardian virtual reality film allows you to experience what it is like to live in this period of limbo, waiting for a decision that will affect the rest of your life. To be discovered at the Smart Lab (Bellevue - Rhune 1), free entry.
France, United States2017 • 01:24 • Performing Arts • Competition
For a year, the film follows pianist Lucas Debargue through his encounters, discoveries and, quest for music. In his early career, brought to renown by the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition, praised by the public and critics, Lucas is confronted with the concerts that come one after another. He discovers the relationship with the conductor and music partners, studio recordings, post-concert events, success, and autographs. He has now found his new life, a whole life devoted to music.
Slovak Republic2016 • 00:20 • Drama • New Talent
While their parents struggle to earn a living, two sisters have to take care of each other. -Why are we walking on the grass? -If we step in dog poo, it’ll bring us good luck. Thanks to the bond they share, they may already have a head start in life.
Senegal, Italy2017 • 01:10 • International documentary • Public prize
The documentary aims to take a closer look at the population of a country that lives almost exclusively on fishing. Ibrahim is a young Senegalese “mareyeur” (a mediator between the fishermen and the local fishing factories). His life is a daily struggle for surviving, industrial fishing produced a dramatic impoverishment of the ocean and he is afraid of no longer being able to support his large family, that's why he starts thinking that the solution to his troubles would be emigrating to Europe.
France2017 • 01:02 • Performing Arts • Competition
Marianne Faithfull has seen it all: success and fame in Swinging London at the age of 17, life with Mick Jagger, the tumultuous epic of the Rolling Stones, scandal, drugs, and addiction; her downfall, homelessness, followed by rebirth, acclaim, and artistic recognition. Actress and director Sandrine Bonnaire felt compelled to tell the story of Faithfull’s incredible journey, her myriad lives, her encounters with all the biggest names, and her experience of an extraordinary life.