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Smart Fipa

International showcase of transmedia & lab of creative and technological trends.

With its international competition, its keynote meetings and its Hackathon event, the aim of Smart Fipa is to anticipate the future of the audio- visual sector by identifying the writing, technologies and talents of tomorrow.


Smart Fipa 2016 : “Are we moving through a sensory narration?


International competition

> Selection here and schedule here.



The Impact of a technological narration

> New technologies propel us into a new dimension. What will be their impact on narrations and on the way they are received/perceived?

VR (Virtual Reality) and prospective

> Exploration of VR and its future prospects. VR is used to feel the story all our senses will soon be involved, and not just sight and hearing.

 On Interactive storytelling

> Designing a true interactive story is a challenge that we will help you to take-up.

Haptic Technology or how to touch the story

> Demonstration on how the screen becomes matter through haptic technology allowing your fingers to feel the image.

The Taste Simulation

> When technology transmits information to our taste buds… an exploration of the digital simulation of gustatory sensations.

The Olfactory Narrative

> Odors, just like taste, are more evocative of memories that sight, sound or touch.


In partnership with the National Audiovisual Institute (INA) and the Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes Region.
Smart Fipa’s hackathon is a 48-hour creative marathon which unites a wide range of participants with varied yet complementary skillsets. Their mission is to create an outline for an innovative transmedia project on the theme “The sense of history”, inspired this year by INA archives.
Our hackathoners will be shot forward in time to the year 2075, a time of immediacy and impermanence, devoid of learning, reading, and writing…
The participants must draw on their five senses, the wealth of the past, and the magic of narration and technology to find an innovative way to rectify this lifestyle trend.
The ultimate aim today is to create the narration of tomorrow.

And for the winning team? A prize of 5,000 Euros awarded by Aquitaine Limousin Poitou-Charentes region of France.