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The Festival

Every year, Fipa receives over 1,300 films of programmes from more than 70 countries, covering the gamut of genres. Nearly 100 of these programmes will then be selected for screening, in or out of competition. The selection committee will be led by artistic director François Sauvagnargues.

The selection 2018 will be revealed on January 9th during the press conference in Paris and on January 11th in Biarritz. If you wish to attend it, please contact our press service.



World and international premiers, 7 categories:

• International Documentaries
• National Documentaries
 Performing Arts
New Talent
Audience Award

All innovative forms of audiovisual creation (transmedia, VR, web documentaries, web series…) are eligible to compete at Fipa, by invitation, in one of the six official categories.

Fipa will also award a cross-genre prize for an outstanding innovative programme.



Other programmes, also covering a variety of genres, are presented in the following non-competition sections :

• Carte Blanche
Special Screenings
Opening and closing ceremonies
Master of Documentary


For films in competition, a jury comprised of internationally renowned figures in audiovisual creation (such as authors, directors, screenplay writers, actors, and composers…) awards a Fipa d’or to the best programme in each category at the closing ceremony.

In addition, in the Drama and Series categories, a Fipa d’Or is also awarded for Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Screenplay and Best Original Score.




Two prizes will be awarded to programmes from the New Talent category, one to a drama and one to a documentary, that are seen to embody the qualities of rigour, independent-mindedness, and innovation so dear to Fipa founder Michel Mitrani.

France Televisions and the Sociétés d’auteurs on the Board of Directors will each provide €3,000 in prize money for the drama and documentary prizes respectively.



Each year, 13 students from French-language high schools across the European Union come together to form the Young Europeans Jury, that awards the Reportage and Investigation category.



The Erasmus+ Prize is awarded to a European short film presented in the New Talent selection, irrespective of genre, that reflects the values and aspirations of European youth.

The Erasmus+ Agency provides €3,000 in prize money for this award.